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Action Bronson Announces White Bronco Album, Shares “White Bronco” Single


Action Bronson Announces White Bronco Album, Shares “White Bronco” Single


Action Bronson wears a lot of hats, from chef, to TV host, to author, but there’s one label that he likes best: rap star. Preparing his first independent project in years, Action Bronson announces “White Bronco.” On White Bronco, Bronson reckons with success, throwing himself into his art and fine-tuning his sharp lyrics. The follow-up to 2017’s Blue Chips 7000, White Bronco features production from Bronson’s longtime collaborator Party Supplies, as well as contributions from Knxwledge and Daringer. With a surreal front cover painted by Action Bronson himself, White Bronco arrives later this fall via EMPIRE.

“I’ve been making music for almost 10 years, and now I’m happy to go back to the basics, back to making music without giving a f*ck about what’s going on on the outside,” explains Action Bronson. “I’m liberated, I feel amazing, I’m manifesting my art in my many different mediums. White Bronco is a nice representation of who I am right now. And who I like being. I’m in a happy zone. When people say that Mercury is in retrograde, I call bullshit. Sagittarius always fly high. I don’t get depressed, I’m good. I always find a way out of darkness. I work out. I eat. I make art.”

To accompany the album announcement, Action Bronson shares “White Bronco,” the project’s titular single. Featuring twinkling percussion, jazzy Rhodes piano, and saxophone, “White Bronco” shimmers and swings (“like Tiger in The Masters” – Bronsoliño), as Bronson stacks syllables and culminates in an uplifting refrain: “And I’m just out here living my best life/Whateva, whateva, whateva.” Produced by Daringer, with assistance from The SVU Band, playing sax, keys and bass, “White Bronco” is the album’s thesis statement, painting a picture of Bronson defying gravity to stay afloat in a hostile world.

“The song is a smiley face inside a spider web,” explains Bronson. “The spider web represents omnipresent danger, but I’m very happy despite it.”

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