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Fat Joe Sued By Ex-Business Partner Over UP NYC Shore Store


Fat Joe Sued By Ex-Business Partner Over UP NYC Shore Store

Fat Joe Net Worth
Fat Joe is being sued by his former business partner for allegedly cheating him out of a ton of cash.

Scott Spina who co-founded UP NYC sneaker shop with Fat Joe in 2016 claims he invested $150k of his own personal money and generated more than 300k from investors and loans to start up the shop. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, UP NYC made over $170,000 on their first day but 20 days later Spina was kicked out of the business. 
Spina has allegedly tried to siphone money from the company in the past and was recently found guilty of credit card fraud. Fat Joe likely caught wind of it which could have been the reason Spina was booted from the company as his image would’ve been bad for business. 
Spina was busted for stealing credit card info from his customers and has been sentenced to 35 months in federal prison. Nevertheless, he still wants  Joe to pay him back the $150k he put out for the business and he’s suing the Bronx rapper for it. He also wants what he believes is his fair share of UP NYC. 

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