Video: Young M.A "Petty Wap"

UPDATE: Young M.A throws a nasty ass pool party and gets her groove on in the video for her newest offering "Petty Wap." Check out the video below.

Original Post

Young M.A isn't waiting around on petty bitches any longer. Listen to her tell it on her new freestyle Petty Wap. 


"Oh that's your nigga now, huh?/Said you wasn't with him, now you with him now, huh?," M.A raps. "Things different now, huh?/You committed now, huh?/Guess I can't hit it how I hit now, huh?/Don't hit me when ya nigga ain't around/There's money to be made bitch, I won't wait around."

Back in April the Brooklyn rapper gave us her own take on the "Who Run It" challenge. You can revisit the track here.