Creative Weekly: Pusha T, Bobby Shmurda, DeMar DeRozan & Tekashi 6ix9ine

This week's Creative Weekly: Pusha T marries Virginia Williams, Bobby Shmurda confirms prison release date, DeMar DeRozan bids farewell to Toronto & Canada and Tekashi 6ix9ine talks getting kidnapped & robbed.

Pusha T Marries Virginia Williams

The 41-year old rapper whose real name is Terrance Levarr Thornton on Saturday (July 21) got married to his longtime girlfriend Ginny Joy Williams in a private ceremony at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach. The couple have been dating for several years.

Some of the guests at the event officiated by Pusha's brother Malice, includes Kanye and Kim Kardashian West, Karen Civil, DJ Clark Kent and Pharrell Williams who served as best man at the occasion. Who you know perform drug raps at his own wedding?

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Creative-HipHop says congrats to the new couple.

Bobby Shmurda Phones In From Prison

Bobby Shmurda updates us on how he's handling prison life in new phone interview with ThisIs50. The 22-year old 'Hot Nigga' who was arrested in 2014 on conspiracy and weapons charges says he expects to be out from prison in 2020. "I got two years left,” said Shmurda. “2020, I’m coming out and fucking everything up."

While Bobby can't currently unfuck the situation he finds himself in .. he wants the new generation of rappers to learn from his mistakes and stay out of jail.

“I hear about everything. I ain’t gonna lie,” Shmurda said. “Everybody keep me in tune and shit … I fuck with all the young boys that’s out there right now. All the music. I know what’s going on. I just wanted to tell niggas stay the fuck up outta jail. ‘Cause I be hearing about niggas getting locked up and shit like that. That shit ain’t cool … All that beef and all that dumb shit. Get money. Fuck all that. Nigga, don’t leave the hood to go back to jail.” 

He also touched on his alleged beef with Tekashi 6ix9ine. “It ain’t no beef, no problems,” he said. “I’ve been hearing a whole bunch of crazy shit. … First of all, I seen all the colors in the hair and all that crazy shit, I started laughing.”

DeMar DeRozan Says Goodbye To Toronto

Following an apology from Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri, DeMar has now officially bid farewell to the city he once called home. The two-time Kia Defensive player of the year took to Instagram to share a goodbye message to Toronto.

"Words could never express what you've meant to me. I was just a 19 year old kid from Compton when we first met, but you took me in and embraced me as one of your own. I am so grateful for the Love and Passion that you've given me over the past 9 years. All I ever wanted to do was duplicate it 10x over just to show my appreciation. Thank you Toronto, thank you Canada."

DeRozan was traded to the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday (July 11) after reportedly being assured by the Raptors that he was a huge part of the team's future. DeMar responded to the news of his trade on his Instagram story with displeasure saying, "Be told one thing & the outcome another. Ain't no loyalty in this game. Sell you out for a quick bit of nothing ... Soon you'll understand ... Don't disturb."

DeRozan clearly feels he was stabbed in the back by his family and he has every right to feel that way. Raptors president, Masai Ujiri during a press conference held on Friday, July 20 acknowledges there was a miscommunication on his part,

"I want to not only apologize to DeMar DeRozan for a gap of miscommunication but also to acknowledge him and what he's done here with the Raptors, for the city, and for the country," Ujiri said. "There's no measure to what this kid has done."​

"I had a conversation with DeMar at Summer League, and I really want to leave it at that ... I think maybe my mistake is talking about what we expected from him going forward. DeMar has done so much for this organization. When you’re in my position you always have to be open in what you can do. Both of us had a conversation, and me and DeMar know what that conversation was. Maybe I could have handled it better. That’s what I’m apologizing for."

"He's the greatest player to play for the Raptors to this point. No one can dispute that."

Despite owning up to his mistakes, Ujiri insists Kawhi Leonard was too good an offer to pass on. "We have been doing this for how many years? You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over," he said. "At this point, we got to the level where this opportunity came to us, and we had to jump on it.”

Tekashi 6ix9ine Addresses Getting Kidnapped & Robbed

6ix9ine was allegedly pistol whipped, robbed and kidnapped early Sunday (July 22) on his way home from a video shoot. While the story turns out to be false, the "King of NY" called in to DJ Akademiks live stream on Twitch to speak on the incident. The rapper says he believes the robbery was an inside job.

"It wasn't no outside niggas. It's niggas that know how the king of New York moves, you know what I'm saying? The only person that can get a Pharaoh in Egypt is the person who helped build the fuckin' kingdom, you know what I'm saying? The nigga that's right next to him. The nigga that know who built that shit, that got the blueprints."

He said he envisioned the XXXTentacion situation and decided not to escalate things any further by letting them rob him. "I'm just happy to be alive," he tells AK. "I look at the X situation and I'm just like, 'That could have been me.'" 6ix9ine added, "That would have been the same situation if I didn't give it up."

Shortly after the stream, 6ix9ine shared a photo of XXXTentacion on his Instagram with the caption, "As crazy as it sounds.. yesterday morning I had a feeling that it was my day to die. May GOD strike me dead if I’m lying. Everything happens for a reason. I know you was there. Nothing materialistic is more important then LIFE. I live to see another DAY. I get to see my daughter another day. No Hate Charge it to the streets."

6ix claims to have been robbed but police reports obtained by TMZ say otherwise.

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