Black Thought Reflects On Trayvon Martin's Death On "Rest In Power"

"For every Trayvon Marin there was an Emmett Till."

Black Thought reflects on Trayvon Martin's legacy with a powerful message and visual. Shot inside NYC's Gotham Hall, the clip directed by Rohan Blair-Mangat features provoking Klan images, hooded black people, scenes from the 'I Am Trayvon Martin' protest, and surveillance footage from the then 17-year old's trip to a 7-Eleven just moments before he was attacked by George Zimmerman.

“I wanted to write something that somehow addressed a broader issue and addressed American tradition, and how for so many generations this same sort of thing has been taking place,” Black Thought tells VIBE. “It reintroduces the information to those of us who were already following the case and were already informed, but it also reintroduces it to a new demographic who just totally didn’t know. This was 2012, thousands of years in the past with regards to the way we receive information now.”

"Rest In Power" is in support of JAY-Z and Paramount Network's documentary series The Trayvon Martin Story premiering July 30th on Paramount Network. 

Martin was wrongfully murdered on February 26, 2012, in Sanford by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman. Rest in power!