Pusha T On Drake's Alleged 'Career Ending' Response: "Whatever it is, I ain't done it."

Rap-A-Lot co-founder, J Prince claimed Drake had a career ending response in the clip for Pusha T & Kanye West, and was ready to unleash it, but he told him to not to because that's not his character.“I saw this going in a place that I feel would have ended his career if Drake would’ve put out this song that he had on him and definitely would’ve hurt families,” he told Sway. “You know what I mean? We not in for that. That’s not Drake’s character. We’re not in business to tear our brother, fellow man down to that extent.”

While Pusha T confirmed conversations about squashing the beef were had, the Clipse rapper in a recent interview with Drink Champs said J Prince never mentioned any such career ending response when he spoke to his management.

"Those conversations were had ... and those conversations were had without that sound bite." Push told N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN before adding "They were things that were said during the conversations between him [J Prince] and my management, it wasn't aggressive or anything."

Push also said he doesn't buy into the story that Drake won't be releasing the alleged 'career ending' diss track for him and Kanye's benefit.

"Just to be honest with you, man, I feel like there's absolutely nothing that they would do for my best interests," Pusha said at around the 51 minute-mark. "Nothing. For nothing, for no reason at all. Whatever their decision is or decision-making is is based off of what's best for them. I don't know what ends my career. I ain't ever told on nobody. I am who I am. I don’t even know what's career-ending these days, but whatever it is, I ain't done it."

Pusha T in an interview with Vanity fair said the the beef is "all over with" and that his ready to focus back on the music. 

"I mean, you know. These conversations have been had and, to my knowledge, it’s all over. It’s all over with," he said. "Yeah. I mean, listen: I’m ready to be back to the music for real. Just feeding my base, that’s it. That’s the most important thing to me at all times."

The feud between the two rappers is probably over with for now, but things can change pretty quickly. Meanwhile, revisit Duppy Freestyle and The Story Of Adidon here and here.

The full interview where he also talks DAYTONA, Kanye West and publishing rights can be heard here.