Kevin Gates "Therapy Shit"

Gates is definitely not letting up. Few weeks after releasing his Chained To The City EP, the Baton Rouge rapper returns with some healing words on his new record "Therapy Shit."

"Mad with God why he don't answer me while on my knees, I'm in need/I believe life don't ever turn out how we want but I succeed," he raps. "I hustled a little bit pursuing things which I achieved/I told my wife my plan I also told her she can leave/She cried her eyes out then abruptly she just agreed."

He also raps about a sour relationship with an unnamed artist he put on for in the past. "I stood up for you when they said you was messing with children
They say I'm signing sex offenders niggas right in my city," Gates raps. "I told you "fuck 'em", just stay focused, you gon blow any minute."

Listen to the song below.

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