Young Dolph Takes Shots at Record Labels in "Slave Owner"

Young Dolph Channels Django Unchained in "Slave Owner' video.



Building a grassroots fanbase with his prolific output and larger-than-life persona, Young Dolph grew into one of the biggest names in rap while remaining independent. Taking aim at major labels and the artists who eagerly sign to them.

Dolph shares "Slave Owner," his most outlandish video yet. Drawing inspiration from Quentin Tarantino's Oscar-nominated exploitation flick Django Unchained, the TMZ-premiered video for "Slave Owner" takes an exaggerated look at the relationship between artists and record labels, positing label execs as slave owners and comparing signed artists to Samuel L. Jackson's Uncle Tom character. In the video, Dolph remains fiercely independent, never falling under the thumb of individuals who would put a ceiling on his shine.

Produced by Budda Bless, "Slave Owner" is the latest video from Dolph's Niggas Get Shot Everyday EP released in March.

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