Pusha T Talks "DAYTONA," Kanye West and Nas Album

Angie Martinez is not here to play. Following recent exclusives with the likes of Meek Mill and J. Cole, the on-air personality bags herself another A-lister. 


During her 25-minute long interview with Push T, the two spoke on his new album, Kanye changing the album artwork at 1.am on Wednesday (May 25) "because he wasn't feeling it." He also confirmed the album's name changed from King Push to DAYTONA, the LP originally having 8 tracks, why the track "Sociopath" was removed from the album and his relationship with Pharrell.

Elsewhere in the interview, he spoke about West's controversial political views being one of the many things they don't agree on. He goes on to discuss how they both deal with differences in opinions. 

“When the conversation comes up, and [Kanye and I are] engaged in conversation, I just say what it is that I feel, regardless of what it’s about," he said. "Other than that, no, I’m not just bringing up political conversations. And he knows not to bring up political conversations with me. It’s just not happening.” 

At around the 17:30 mark, Push hinted on a possible tour featuring himself and Nas. "Me and Nas have talked specifically about touring together," he said. 

Pusha-T's third studio album, "DAYTONA" drops at midnight. 

Pusha T Talks "DAYTONA," Kanye West and Nas Album Pusha T Talks "DAYTONA," Kanye West and Nas Album Reviewed by CHH on 12:37:00 PM Rating: 5
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