Lil Durk Mobs in a Mansion, Reveals His Origin Story in "Granny's Crib"

The Chicago Native and ATL Resident Contrasts His Past and Present in the Video from Just Cause Y'all Waited EP.



Pioneering a melodic and emotional brand of street music, Lil Durk impresses with his impactful songwriting. Reflecting on his rough childhood and contrasting with his blessed present, Durk contemplates his come-up on "Granny Crib." A highlight from his "Just Cause Y'all Waited EP."

"Granny Crib" finds The Chicago rapper finding a balance between his career and his responsibility as a parent, trying to prevent his children from the hardships he endured as a child and taking a much bigger role in their lives than his father did in his. In the video, Durk stunts alternately in a mansion and in the hood, illustrating just how far he's come in his 26 years: "Came a long way to a mansion crib," he raps. "I had roaches out my granny crib/Jumped into the streets on accident/Police snatched me up they better not ask me shit." 

Watch the video above.
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