LeBron James Sued For Allegedly Stealing Barbershop Show

LeBron James is accused of stealing the concept of his web-series, The Shop from a company named Adventure Enterprises. 


In a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Adventure Enterprises claim they pitched a new TV show to the Cleveland star called Shop Talk, but he shortchanged themThe Company claims it had countless meetings with LeBron and his UNINTERRUPTED company about the idea, and they spent over a period of two years figuring out a strategy to pitch it to various networks. 

A.E claims LeBron cut them out of the picture and created a ripoff show called "The Shop," which features LeBron in a barbershop with his friends, "engaging in an intimate conversation describing cultural experiences." 

The first webisode of the shop aired back in June of 2017 and it garnered around 4 million views.

Adventure Enterprises says Bron's people apologized and told them it was a one time deal that wouldn't happen again ...  but they still went ahead and made a follow up segment which aired on ESPN.

Adventure Enterprises wants cash compensation, and an injunction prohibiting James and his company from making any more episodes. The company is also suing James' business partner, Maverick Carter 

A source close to Bron and Carter tell TMZ the lawsuit is "totally frivolous and publicity seeking."


Weirdly, LeBron was going to have his lawyer fire a cease-and-desist letter to  Alabama football coach, Nick Saban for copyright infringement. Saban allegedly created a show that's similar to LeBron's The Shop and the Cleveland legend is not too happy about it. 

For the record, Saban says LeBron don't scare him, and he's going ahead with the show. (*Insert that spiderman meme here*).

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