Jeezy Ordered To Pay Over A $100k For Ripping Off "I Ball, I Stunt"

Jeezy has been ordered to fork out $111, 347.29 to Edaz Redden according to legal documents obtained by your favorite gossip website. TMZ reports the Atlanta rapper reportedly stole the song "I Ball, I Stunt" from his 2011 album The Real Is Back from Redden. 



Redden who sued Sno over the song back in 2015 claims he gave a demo of the song to a producer, and was later shocked to see the same title, composition and chorus on a Jeezy track.

Despite claiming he was not properly served, the judge still ordered  Jizzle to pay up.

Moral of the story is: If you're going to steal a song ... Be sure to change the title so it becomes less conspicuous. 

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