Wu-Tang Clan Sued For Stealing "People Say"

In an era plagued by sampling,  lawsuits will prevail. 


Legendary hip-hop group, Wu-Tang Clan reportedly ripped off an old school song and used it in its 2017 hit record People Say. The accusation is being made by a 3 musician crew known as The Diplomats.

The Diplomats consisting of Samuel Culley, Thomas Price and Ervan Waters claim Wu-Tang's in-house producer, Mathematics jacked the melody, lyrics and rhythm of their 1969 track, "I've Got The Kind Of Love." According to court documents obtained by TMZ, People Say" is a prominent lyric from their song. 

“Throughout its duration, ‘People Say’ contains and embodies multiple recognizable and protectable elements of Plaintiffs’ ‘I’ve Got The Kind of Love,'” the suit reads. “These original, protectable elements include but are not limited to the melody, chords, lyrics, instrumentation, and rhythmic elements of ‘I’ve Got The Kind of Love.’ (Even the title ‘People Say’ is a lyric from ‘I’ve Got The Kind of Love.’)”

The Diplomats say they never gave Wu-Tang Clan permission to use their music, so they want the rap group to stop performing and selling "People Say." They also want monetary compensation. 

Play both songs below and make your own judgment. 

Wu-Tang Clan Sued For Stealing "People Say" Wu-Tang Clan Sued For Stealing "People Say" Reviewed by CHH on 10:16:00 AM Rating: 5
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