New Video: Cozz "Demons N Distractions"

The Dreamville rapper purges himself of his demons in new video.

South Central native, Cozz gets back to promoting his debut album, Effected with a new Scott Lazer directed video for Demons N Distractions.

"I grew up stressed out. My household wasn’t the most stable. My parents fought a lot and I grew up in the hood so I’ve been angry my whole life," Cozz explains to billboard. "That changed, of course, but it’s the demons. The only way I was getting away from that was smoking weed or drinking. That’s why I say, “I need a drink and a joint lit.” I was trying to find happiness, but it wasn’t the right way to find happiness.

"When I found music, that was the first time I found something I loved to do, that also took my mind off the world," he continued. "It became therapeutic to write problems down. It’s good to get that shit out. I was a quiet kid, I never talked to anybody, never came to my parents to talk about a problem. I dealt with it myself."

"Music was the first time I opened up. At the time [of writing “Demons N Distractions”], I was dealing with a girl who didn’t believe in space. I also had homies in my life that were bad people. I gave people a lot of chances when I shouldn’t have. That was in my head."

Available for streaming here, Cozz's 14-track effort features guest spots from Kendrick Lamar, Curren$y and J. Cole. The Dreamville rapper tells billboard the album is about growing pains. 

“Everybody goes through it. You grow up and realize shit. As a kid, you think the world is a joke. As you get older, life hits you. Shit is real. You gotta be strong to be able to keep going. … [This album] is about figuring out what you like and doing what you gotta do for you.”

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