Kanye West Sued For Camouflage Rip Off

Kanye West's clothing company is being sued for allegedly ripping off camouflage patterns from a competing company, reports TMZ.




The gossip site reports that Yeezy Apparel and Unknwn are being sued by Jordan Outdoor Enterprises over camp hoodies, camp thigh-high boots, cargo pants, hooded bomber jackets , shirts, boots and other stuff. 

Jordan Outdoor claims West's companies ripped off the distinctive designs on its Realtree Line. 

According to the lawsuit, a rep from Yeezy contacted Jordan to discuss using the camo patterns, to which Jordan said Kanye's company needed to license the items. Yeezy reportedly went silent afterwards and without authorization copied the patterns. 
In addition to suing for damages, Jordan also wants Kanye's company to stop selling the items in question and to turn over and destroy the item that already exist.

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