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Diddy Is No Longer Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Man


Diddy Is No Longer Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Man

Hip-Hop's Wealthiest

The race to hip hop’s first-ever billionaire is well and truly on. 

For the last 5 years or so, reporting on Forbes Five list got a little boring because it felt repetitive, with the same usual suspects hugging the top 5 spots. It’s 2018 and it’s still the same faces, but at least now there’s a shift in power.
After 7 years at the top, Diddy aka Brother Love finally? slips to number two, losing the much-coveted number one position to Jay Z. Forbes reports Jay Z’s net worth increased from $810 million to $900 million over the past year. A large part of the Brooklyn rapper’s earnings is credited to the rising value of his interest in Armand de Brignac Champagne and D’Ussè cognac.
Despite a slight increase in fortunes in the past 12 months, Diddy slips to No. 2 with a net worth of $825 million. Lukewarm response in the vodka and cable TV sectors has affected his interest in Ciroc and Revolt, but steady growth in Deleóne tequila – a venture he co-owns with beverage company Diageo – has made sure his earnings stay on the right path.
Diddy has reigned supreme on the list since the magazine began measuring rapper’s fortunes in 2011.
Good ol’ Dr. Dre comes in at No. 3 with a net worth of $770 million, mainly thanks to an upsurge in demand for beats. Dre is also reported to be in line to receive a slug of Apple stock this summer worth over $100 million, which could see him overtake both Diddy and Jay Z on the list.
Drake and Eminem round up the top 5 with $100 million respectively. It doesn’t seem like much when compared with the above numbers, but it’s still way more than most will ever see in this lifetime. Eminem leapfrogged Birdman to make his debut on Forbes top five.
Jay Z, Diddy, and Dre are not only the wealthiest hip-hop acts but also the richest artists of any genre. They say rap makes no money.
So, who’s going to be hip hop’s first billionaire?

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