@MCThaPreacha "Diplomatic Immunity" (Remix)

Out of the two songs released last month by Drake, Gods Plan was the one I expected more artists to jump on, but they've all seem to take a predilection towards Diplomatic Immunity. 


Following Boogey's honest take on the track, MCskill ThaPreacha decides to take the beat produced by Nick Brongers and Boi-1da for a spin. On the track he chooses to address people who question him rapping over trap beats.

Which is better? Listen to MCskill's version below and click here to checkout what Boogey did with the track. 

@MCThaPreacha "Diplomatic Immunity" (Remix) @MCThaPreacha "Diplomatic Immunity" (Remix) Reviewed by Paperman on 11:47:00 PM Rating: 5
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