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Kelis Demands More Money In Child Support From Nas

Kelis continues to dig through Nas' pocket without any iota of shame. The one time talented singer has filed legal docs demanding more money from the illmatic rapper, saying she needs more than $8, 000 a month as child support. She says their 8-year old son, Knight, has grown and his needs have grown up with him. 



Kelis, 38, says Nas is making way more than he was five years ago when the judge ordered him to pay the 8k monthly support for their child, so she wants an improved deal since the rapper can afford it. The new amount she's seeking is not known but TMZ reports that the Milkshake singer wants 44-year old Nas to pay 50% of school-related costs, 50% of any child care needs and 50% of unreimbursed health care fees.

Kelis' new demands comes a month after Nas won a custody agreement that would allow him spend more time with his son. The agreement allows the 44-year old to spend full weekends over January, February and March with their son, Knight Jones. Nas and Kelis previously had disagreements in establishing the right visitation schedule in the past. 

According to court papers, the 'It Was Written' rapper described his ex-wife as hostile and uncooperative.

The judge is yet to rule on Kelis' new demands.

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