Azealia Banks: "God's Plan" Remix

Ms Banks takes a break from starting trouble with her colleagues on the internet, to release a remix of Drake's chart-topping record, God's Plan. Over the Boi-1da and Noah "40" produced instrumental, the Harlem rapper lets her competition know she's ready for the challenge. 


"These bitches talkin’ but they don’t be what they livin, now they livid,” Banks raps. “The game’s over, the door’s open for the challenge/Drive with the mileage/I’m steady with the beam like Gabby, I got the balance/Number one talent/Sippin’ from my chalice/Fantasy waters deep in the hole like I’m Alice.”

Her remix of God's Plan comes a month after she inked a $1 million record deal with Entertainment One. “I’m now officially signed to E1 Entertainment!!” she wrote in a now deleted Instagram post.

Banks will be releasing her next album "Fantasea II: The New Wave" under the label, and it is expected to arrive sometime in March.

The original version of "God's Plan" can be found on Drake's Scary Hours EP, while the video containing some very "in your feels" moment can be viewed here

Listen to Azealia Banks rendition below. 

Azealia Banks: "God's Plan" Remix Azealia Banks: "God's Plan" Remix Reviewed by King Nel on 8:16:00 AM Rating: 5
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