Vic Mensa Remixes Drake's "Diplomatic Immunity"

"Fake like it’s all love at shows ’til they push the Joe button and you get punched in the face as a consequence."

Just so you know. It is okay to take shots at Joe Budden these days. Following unconfirmed rumors of Eminem firing subliminals at the Slaughterhouse rapper, Drake quickly followed-suit with Diplomatic Immunity, which also contained subtle jabs at the Jersey native.



Now for some unconfirmed reasons, Vic Mensa has decided to add his name to the growing list of Budden enemies. The Chicago rapper rains heavy on Budden with vicious bars that references his abusive past. 

"Famous for putting your hands on women, you can’t be proud of it," he raps. "Don’t try to fuck wit me shorty, just stay monogamous.”

In case you missed the memo. Buddens has a weird history of losing his shits and beating women as a result. Most of the cases are speculations but there was this one reported incident of Joe choking and smashing his girlfriend's head into the dashboard of a car. Of course, he denied the allegations.

Vic Mensa who seems to also be good with backtracking has since come out to claim the song was "not a Joe Budden diss." 

Last month, Mensa showed his admiration for Budden by openly lauding the rapper's Mood Muzik 3 mixtape. So in fairness, why would he diss him now?

Joe Budden diss or not. What I'm sure we can all agree on is the song is fire. Listen below and share your thoughts.

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