@TheHolstarmusic Drops Long-Awaited Album "Dreaming In High Definition"

Zambia rap legend, Holstar decides to release his often delayed album "Dreaming In High Definition" without much heads up. The project available for streaming below opens up with the retrospective title track, which sets the tone for the rest of the LP. The follow up track, "Spirit Of A Champion" finds him showcasing survival instincts backed with undefeatable ego. On "Osa yesa," he sends a warning to his competition "don't test me" before comparing himself to Prometheus.

"Ngau Ngau" featuring Malawian rapper, Dominant 1 may just be my favorite track on  the LP. The track is a standout for obvious reasons. You'll just have to listen for yourself to get my point so I won't stress it further.

D1 is underrated bruv.

The tape continues with "Mama I Love You," a heartwarming ode to his mother which is sure to have you in your feels. The focus soon switches to the heartbreakers and the heartbroken on "Cold World." Despite the diversity of each track, he never for once strayed far from the theme of the album.

"David Copperfield" is sure to spark rumors of retirement but he quickly banishes the thought with "Music Is My Passion." Holstar gave us his dream and also raised out spiritual levels. Not bad for a fourth LP.

Stream the entire LP below via SoundCloud and get it on iTunes 

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