Nef The Pharaoh Examines the Role of Racism in Society in "LOE Gino's Interlude" 

Boundlessly charismatic and radiating genuine positive energy, Nef The Pharaoh is a leading voice in the New Bay Area. In "LOE Gino's Interlude," Nef uses his influence for good, taking some time to pontificate on the racial gulf that threatens to swallow our country whole. 

Ceding the spotlight to Berkeley rapper LOE Gino, who impresses in two worldly and informative verses, the video focuses on some of the foremost issues facing Black America today, including the ever expanding gentrification of major cities, police brutality, gang violence, and racism coming from the nation's highest office. "LOE Gino's Interlude" follows an African-American teenager as he tries to go about his daily life, encountering unnecessary police attention before finding encouragement in LOE Gino's words. Appropriately filmed in black-and-white, the video is the latest release from The Chang Project, Nef's most recent mixtape, which arrived this summer.

Post via Audible Treats.
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