Meek Mill, Roc Nation Sued For Negligence

Meek Mill just can't catch a break. 

Weeks after he was unjustly sentenced to two-four years in state prison for violating his probation that stems from a 2008 gun and drug case - the Philly rapper now has another court case to deal with.

Meek Mill and Jay Z's Roc Nation are being sued by the family of Jaquan Graves. 

Jaquan Graves, 20 was gunned down in a parking lot outside Wallingford, Connecticut at one of Meek Mill's concerts back in December of 2016. 

According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Graves had just left the facility when the gunfire started which struck and killed him.

Graves family claims Meek and Roc Nation "allowed thugs to remain on the premises, after exhibiting disorderly disruptive, argumentative, angry and/or agitated behavior toward patrons."

Jaquan Graves family aren't the only ones suing Meek and Roc Nation. The family of Travis Ward, who was also caught in the cross fire filed a lawsuit early this year with similar claims. 

According to the Hartford Courant,  Ward's family are suing Meek Mill as well as the venue for how they managed the event that occurred that night.

"With song titles like 'Body Count' and 'Oh Kill 'Em' [sic] that praise indiscriminate killing and mayhem, the potential for tragic incidents like this should have been properly anticipated and planned for by Meek Mill, his concert promoters and the Oakdale Theatre," the family’s attorney, Joel Faxon, said."

Both families are suing for damages. 
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