Chris Brown - Sirens

Chris Brown fans already have more than enough music to last them through an apocalypse, with most of it coming from his latest double-disc album Heartbreak On A Full Moon. If for a slight second you felt 45-tracks weren't enough, he quickly followed the LP with the release of a bonus cut that didn't make the album titled Last Night, but he's still not done yet.

Late last night/ early this morning he liberated a new rapping single that has him questioning the American system.

"Government lyin', could give a fuck about your education," he raps. "Don't want an intelligent nigga, keepin' us intimidated/ Instigatin', let us kill each other, now they celebratin'/ Falling victim, takin' us back to prison, yeah, we back to slavin'/ Programmed to kill my brother if he tryna kill my niggas."

Listen to "Sirens" below.

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