Tory Lanez Provides An Alternate Perspective On Violence In "Shooters" Video

Violence is never the answer, which is the message Tory Lanez is passing in the gripping video for his new single, "Shooters." The video starts off with Toronto rapper and a friend sneaking into a building to get revenge on a cop for shooting his cousin, but as things would have it - situations only get worse for Tory and his friend.

According to Tory Lanez, "Shooters" video was inspired by the six-part docuseries, Time: The Kalief Browder Story. Browder was arrested at the age of 16 for allegedly stealing a backpack, and was sentenced to three years on Rikers Island without trial. He committed suicide three years after his release.

“His story had me surfing the internet to research all the different cases of people who were wrongfully charged and looking up the rate of how many unarmed black people get shot in a year – well in the last year – and then how many of those officers were indicted. It was over hundreds of deaths and the percentage of the officers who were convicted was below one percent,” Lanez explains to Billboard. “I imagined that there are times when those families have thought, “What if I could go kill the officer who killed my son or nephew?”

Tory tells Billboard he wanted the visual to tell the story from the perspective of someone who has experienced a loved one being killed by a police officer.

"Shooters" is taken from Tory Lanez's upcoming sophomore LP, "Memories Don't Lie." Listen to it below and grab it here.

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