@TherealYCdon looks back at his come up in "From Nothing"

Yc Don has one of those names I remember seeing on the blog a while back so i decided to dig through our archives to confirm my suspicion, and yup.. I was right. YC for a short period rocked with us in the beginning and was part of our underground buzz segment in the past, but times change and my mans got clout now so I guess we were no longer good enough for him.

The last song we posted from the Atlanta rapper was Check if I'm not mistaking, and that was far back in January. 

While doing my normal mail rounds, I saw his name pop up which was high-key shocking because as-far-as regular mailers and content submittors on Creative-Hiphop go,  YC ain't a regular or a name i expected to see. 

Nevertheless, he's still part of the CH family and we never forget or turn our backs on family. The ATL based rapper returns to our blogspace with a new reminiscent track titled "From Nothing." 

The shit is fire and I'm glad the song came through. Check it out below.

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