Listen To AWKWORD's 'Heather Heyer' Tribute, Prod. By Teck-Zilla

With cuts by DJ Wayne Ski.

America is currently in a battle with itself and it's losing the fight. As the country's level of uncertainty continues to rise beyond reproach -- with the latest being Trump's fight with the NFL and its players. An end in sight to the chaotic episode that is, America looks far.

Hip-Hop activist and recent father of two, AWKWORD once again finds himself speaking about a situation he's addressed countless times in the past. Over a Teck-Zilla laced beat, Awk touches on the recent happenings in Amerikkka. "Nazis marching on the streets, and Nazis in charge," he raps. "There's even Nazis on these beats, and Nazis on the blogs."

He also references Heather Heyer's tragic ordeal at the hands of a white Supremacist, "And it could've been me, who got crushed by that car," he continues.

Heather Heyer, who the song is named after and dedicated to, was run over by a Nazi sympathizer at a rally in Charlottesville for protesting against racism and hate in America.

"They tried to kill my child to shut her up," Heather's mom, Susan says on the song's intro. "Well guess what? You just magnified her."

'Witnesses referred to the crash as a “deliberate act of terrorism,” which the Charlottesville Police Chief echoed in his press conference that you can watch below:'

America is about to implode and it's so disheartening that the rest of the world can see it except America itself. A country that once stood for freedom and justice has now become one of the most troubled nations in the world.

"This song is a rallying cry," AWKWORD says via email. "You don't have to be a masked member of ANTIFA or Anonymous to know that all of us who want social justice and racial equality here are up against a dangerous and strengthening enemy. (Nazi Punks Fuck Off!)"

Listen to "Heather Heyer" below.

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