Is Cam'ron Taking Shots At Jay Z In His New Song?

The word on the street this week is, Cam'ron has a new record containing light shots at his former adversary, Jay-Z. Now why would he do that you may ask. Well, according to the internet, Cam apparently took offense to a line Jay delivered on "Moonlight," off 4:44. On the song Hov raps, "Look, I know killers, you no killer [killa], huh?".

The line has been widely touted as a direct response to one of Ye's rants on the Saint Pablo tour, in which Kanye said. "I know you got killers please don't send 'em at my head."

Cam taking offense to something that has zero to no connection with him looks a stretch so i looked into it. By the way, Kanye is a huge fan of the Dipset rapper.

Few minutes into digging through the comments section of the original IG video containing the snippet of the alleged soon to come diss track, i found this... 

[Side piece] If you know how social media works then i'm sure you're aware there's all kinds of people on it: The core fans that just want to stan and be noticed by their idol, the trolls, the trouble starters and attention seekers, the promoters, and of course the haters.

An IG user named natural_beau_1987 (sounds like a troll) called out Cam for being petty. 

"Somebody's always trying to come up off the next," she commented. "Jay, is on another level now. You couldn't shut him down then why try now."

Seems like an everyday internet response but she may have struck Cam's sensitive spot because her comment brought a reply out of him.

"Not trying to boo, he replied. "Just responding to what he said."

Cam'ron's response to natural_beau can be interpreted as him saying, there's no beef being reignited and it's just bars or you could run with the 'He's trying to diss Jay Z to stay relevant 'narrative.

The whole thing sounds so much like a reach which is why it belongs in our #WordOnTheStreetz segment. Time will tell if it's relevant enough but Hov is most likely not going to respond to Killa anyway.

you can at least expect a clever jab to come out of this whenever Jigga decides to treat us to some new music.

What do you think though?

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