Wiz Khalifa's Mother Sues Amber Rose For Defamation

UPDATE: Amber Rose has responded by lawyering up to get a restraining order against Wiz Khalifa's mom. Amber Rose believes Katie Wimbush-Polk's defamation lawsuit against her is an act of revenge because she's still mad at the fact that her and Wiz Khalifa are no longer together.

According to TMZ, Amber Rose wants a restraining order to keep her and Khalifa's 4-year old son, Sebastian far away from Katie.

Original Story

Mama Khalifa is not having any of Amber Rose's shenanigans, and she's taking the bald-headed personality to court.

The Washington Observer reports that Wiz Khalifa's mother, Katie-Wimbush Polk filed a lawsuit against Amber Rose for defamation on June 19 after the slut walk pioneer allegedly made a profanity-laced phone call to a third party accusing Wimbush-Polk of being an unfit grandmother.

According to reports, Ms Rose made a call to a phone linked to Wimbush-Polk's account but unknowingly to her, the phone was in possession of Wimbush-Polk's friend and former employee, Danesa Letic. The phone call was answered by Letic's 5-year old niece and immediately Ms Rose "launched into a profane attack."

The phone was later passed to Letic who identified herself but Amber Rose continued with her outburst. The lawsuit claims Amber Rose blames Wimbush-Polk for the death of her own child, Dorien "Lala" Thomaz who passed away in February after suffering complications from lymphoma.

Amber Rose's rash outburst reportedly stems from a phone call allegedly made by Katie-Wimbush Polk reporting Ms Rose to California child Welfare Services. Katie denies making the call, and claims Amber Rose's statements "were malicious, 'tended to harm' her reputation, lowered her in the estimation of the community or deterred others from associating or dealing with her." She also claims accusations of her letting her own son die caused her "severe mental anguish"

She's suing Amber for more then $50,000, including court costs, interest and other damages.
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