"Stressing" Finds Jackson Artist @DaTBoYZ3L Searching For Solace

We've all reached a point in our lives that we felt defeated. You're left wondering why me, why does it seem like everything is going bad? Some resort to self medicating via alcohol and drugs while others find comfort in prayer. Whatever your choice may be, there's no questioning that life can be overwhelming. Jackson, Tennessee artist DaTBoYZ3L attacks this topic in his newest single, Stressing", produced by Let That Boy Cook.

For those new to ZeL's music, he utilizes harmonizing techniques to his vocals. His multilayered approach gives him a very particulate style full of emotion and soul. "Stressing" is a Hip Hop based record but has hints of Gospel. The song carries a feature from Iam2j, who adds a strong street perspective to Z3L's story line of dealing with daily stress we encounter. At the conclusion of the song, don't be surprised if you find yourself reflecting on your life and throwing a prayer up to the man upstairs.

"Stressing" is the fifth single from "DatBoy", ZeL'3 2016 full length debut. Both the single and album can be streamed courtesy of Spotify.

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"Stressing" Finds Jackson Artist @DaTBoYZ3L Searching For Solace "Stressing" Finds Jackson Artist @DaTBoYZ3L Searching For Solace Reviewed by Barry Quigley on 6:21:00 AM Rating: 5
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