Aye Verb Vs Charron (Rap Battle)

"Jesus Christ, this a body...that's why they gave him a cracker at Mass." -- Dear lord (insert fire emoji).

Charron puts Aye Verb in a cold body bag in this new battle footage from King Of The Dot's "Massacre 3" card. This match up was supposed to be close but Charron could taste blood.

Chaz Duncan, you had a great run but R.I.P to your battle rap career.

"Growing up his mom permed his hair and grew an attachment to 'em
She spent so much time raising a bitch she became attracted to them
I used to admire you, really battle rap doesn't inspire you
Look at me when I retire you."

And these are not even the good quoteables.

Watch the full battle below and share your thoughts.

Aye Verb Vs Charron (Rap Battle) Aye Verb Vs Charron (Rap Battle) Reviewed by CHH on 9:44:00 PM Rating: 5
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