Tyler The Creator Is Bored On His New Single

New album due July 21

Tyler The Creator who may or may not have outed himself just liberated a new track off his forthcoming studio album "Scum Fuck Flower Boy." 

"Boredom" featuring Rex Orange County is a straight forward track that reflects Tyler's current mood. "I've been in this fuckin' room so long, my eyeballs are turning to dry wall, he raps. "My friends suck, fuck 'em, I'm over 'em
'Hi y'all, y'all ain't hit me all day
What the fuck is the problem? Is it me?
'Cause I'm not solved, I'm... bored."

On the song he later raps, "I been starting to feel like/I don't know anyone/So now I'm staring at my ceiling fuckin' going/Like I Dont know where I'm going."

You could read the lyrics as him identifying his sexuality as the main reason he's being excluded from the plans of people he once called friends.

Tyler The Creator supposedly comes out as gay on the new album, which was leaked online on Monday (July 10). 

Available for pre-order now on iTunes, "Scum Fuck Flower Boy" features the already released singles 911/Mr. Lonely & Who Dat Boy featuring A$AP Rocky.

Listen to "Boredom" below.

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