Damian Marley Talks Working With Jay-Z On '4:44'

Damian Marley recently linked up with Jay-Z on "Bam," a new song off the latter's now platinum "4:44" album. Speaking with BUILD, Marley explains how the collaboration came to fruition. 

"I was going to California to go shoot a video for a song I have called 'Medication,'" Damian said. "Suddenly, I see a text come up on my phone, saying, 'Hey, it's Jay. I'm out in California, I hear you're coming out. Can you please stop by the studio for a few hours?' And I said, 'Sure,' and I went by. He had the idea for the hook for the song already. He knew what he wanted for the hook, so I did that for him. And then he said, 'OK can you just freestyle over the beat?' So they played the beat down and looped it out for like, 15 minutes. So I'm just freestyling, singing all kind of garbage. And then they edited my freestyles and made my verse. So it was kind of cool, yeah. Easy work."

Watch the interview above were he also explains how he and Jay-Z first met.

The video for "Bam" was shot in Marley's homeland in Jamaica. Released last week as a Tidal exclusive, non-subscribers of the streaming service can now watch the full video on YouTube.

Damian Marley Talks Working With Jay-Z On '4:44' Damian Marley Talks Working With Jay-Z On '4:44' Reviewed by CHH on 10:24:00 PM Rating: 5
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