Blue Ivy Makes Rap Debut On "4:44"

"Boom shakalaka/Everything in shaka/Everything in faka"

When I saw the updated tracklist for "4:44," -- first thing i wondered is if Blue Ivy spits a verse on "Blue's Freestyle/We Family" or if it was just another one of those funky titles musicians come up with. As it turns out, the five-year old does rap on the song albeit for 40 seconds.

It's hard to make-out meaning of her exact words but thankfully Genius came through with the save. 

"Everything everything this my only single thing
Everything I hear is my answer
And if you think I say, then ?
I never hear that, I be in the posse
Never seen a ceiling in my whole life
Everything I seen, everything is rotten
Never sit in silence ? Carter
Innocent we seek them
I and say we see them."

Let's just say the internet is loving her verse despite not being able to decipher half of it.

Beyoncé Helped Jay Z In Creating "4.44"

Another thing I quickly checked for was if "Adnis" made the cut this time. The song was part of an unveiling teaser for the album but was not included on the now platinum LP. 

Fans who were left bewindled the last time can now rest easy because "Adnis" gets a look-in this time, as well as a new track "MaNyfaCedGod" featuring James Blake.

All three songs can be found on the physical copies of "4:44," which is now available for streaming and purchase on iTunes.
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