@Sturk405 drops 16 bars over 6lack's "That Far."

"I'm a classic, picture me in your boombox, the living version of Huey from Boondox."

Oklahoma rapper, Sturk continues to grow his brand outside of his hometown of Chickasha. His city just produced the latest NBA MVP but he's trying to let y'all know there's more to The sooner state than hoops.

He decides to shake things up a bit with some mean bars over 6lack's buzzing single "That Far."

Listen below.

 As a bonus we also included his tribute to Korryn Gaines -- a young woman from Baltimore who lost her life after being shot by authorities after a long standoff.

"I can't explain it but there's just something about her story and the video that replays in my mind, at least once a week," said Sturk via a press release. "As an artist, I have to express myself even on complicated issues such as the situation resulting in the death of a 23 year old woman with kids."

@Sturk405 drops 16 bars over 6lack's "That Far." @Sturk405 drops 16 bars over 6lack's "That Far." Reviewed by King Nel on 10:40:00 PM Rating: 5
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