Migos, Joe Budden & Chris Brown Alleged Brawl... What We Know So Far (Updated with fight footage)

UPDATE: A new footage obtained by TMZ proves there was indeed a situation with Migos and Chris. Brown's. Crew. And not the singer.

In the clip you can see Chris Brown being dragged away from the melee by some members of his entourage. Khaled almost got sucked into the heated moment himself, but luckily for him, his fiancée was close by yelling his name.

Read our original story below for how the incident in the video supposedly played out.

UPDATE: New information suggests the initial face-off was between Migos and renowned Lil Yachty hater, Joe Budden during the 'Everyday Struggle' live set at the awards. 

The situation went like this...  Akademiks calling the ATL trio one of his favorite groups ... Joe wasn't having it so he drops his microphone and walks away from his chair while making a disapproving face. Quavo found his reaction disrespectful and responded by dropping his mic as well ... the rest of the pack soon followed with a mean stare at Joe Budden as they moved towards him which forced the security to jump in.

So in a nut shell, Migos got into it with Joe Budden and maybe Chris Brown all in one night... For the culture of course.

Original story

Wouldn't be a gathering of black people without some form of squabble or confrontation happening. This, time it was between Migos and troubled singer Chris Brown.

Sources tell TMZ that the incident happened moments after Chris Brown had just finished premiering the video for Pie with Future at the BET Awards after party near the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles.

Reports claim the situation between both parties escalated when they came face to face. We're still trying to figure out why Migos would square off with Chris Brown as they've been no trace of bad blood between both parties. Of course there's still that curious case of karrueche and Quavo  but it can't be that serious.. can it?

Witnesses at the scene tell TMZ that someone in Chris Brown's crew pushed Quavo and then one of the Migos guys jumped in, but ended up getting punched. No video evidence to back these claims.

TMZ reports that Chris managed to keep a cool head while the squabble was going on -- which makes me wonder if it really happened because heaven knows Chris and a "cool head" don't really go together.

Migos reportedly followed Chris to his car and surrounded him ... but the singer still managed to leave the venue without anyone getting hurt.

No footage has surfaced of a Migos and Chris Brown altercation which has made some fans wonder if it really happened.

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