M.I.A.& Her Fans Are Relationship " Goals"

M.I.A. returns with a new offering titled "Goals." The slow-tempo song produced by Branko features the British singer/songwriter crooning to her loyalists. "Everywhere, every door there's nowhere where we won't go/Every step, every blow we're always going to get goals/Relationship goals are you and me/Fighting H-A-T-E with L-O-V-E."

"Goals" comes with an accompanying Gif-like video put together by Jamie Martinez, comprising of images from her recent performances.

"Dedicated to my hardcore fans thank you for your unfaltering dedication and support." She wrote in  the video's bio. "You have given me a silver of hope in humanity. Stay strong. Reality winnerz."

The "Goals" video will be on display through Southbank Centre's Royal Festival Hall public spaces during the singer's Meltdown Festival kicking off on June 9th, running through till the 18th.

Watch the video below.

M.I.A.& Her Fans Are Relationship " Goals" M.I.A.& Her Fans Are Relationship " Goals" Reviewed by King Nel on 8:30:00 AM Rating: 5
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