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50 Cent Speaks On Eminem’s Influence On His Career

50 Cent Speaks On Eminem’s Influence On His Career

50 Cent talks Eminem’s influence on his career.

50 cent

50 Cent opens up about his relationship with Eminem.

50 Cent’s career spans nearly two decades and consists of platinum selling albums, movie roles and cheating death, — so when Forbes’ Dan Schawbel caught up with the hip hop mogul for an interview, there was a lot to converse about.
50 cent spoke on Eminem’s influence on his career, describing the Marshall Mathers rapper as “Special.”

“Em has had a huge influence on my career,” said Fifty.  “It probably wouldn’t have went the way it went without him. He enabled a creative focus for me when I first came. He was selling 23 million records on Marshall Mathers LP when he decided that I was going to be the next big thing. When he brought my music to Dre, Dre listened to it and he was like ‘I’m with it, let’s do it’. Everyone hears what you are saying when you are selling that many records. He was at a peak point of his career pointing me out saying ‘him, he’s the next thing’. Then it gave me the attention from a major record label, it allowed me to have the right platform at just the right time. It allowed me the freedom to do as well as I did. There were so many things stacked against the project working and then when that happened it turned all the way around. Em (Eminem)…. he is special.”

Fifty grew up in the streets of Queens with his grandmother selling drugs, a time he says helped shape him instinctively. “Well, I think what the streets do to you gives you the ability to use your gut instincts. A lot of people, they go and study business classes and stuff like that. Some don’t internalize the work or retain the information long enough to pass midterms or even try to move on to higher degrees anymore. The neighborhoods kind of offer an instinctive way or route. I think that’s the most valuable thing I have gotten out of that experience.”

The rap mogul during the early half of his career had close encounters with death, most noticeable in the year 2000 when he was shot nine times. He believes there’s a higher power responsible for him still being alive. “When you live through a near death experience, I think you start to identify with your higher power because you do not have an explanation for being able to survive. I think about how an experience like that leaves you conscious of you not being in control and what really changes your characteristics or the way you do things. It changes your perception of everything. Prior to being under those circumstances, it’s all in your power you feel like. When you see things happen, you go ‘how did that happen and how was I able to do this?’ The only answer is, you know your higher power at that point.”

Being a veteran in the music business, his advice to anybody looking to delve into the industry is to develop thick skin. “You have to be prepared for everyone to have the right to say what they want about you and for you not to say anything to them. It’s a huge adjustment. When you make something creatively and people decide to support it, or buy it, you go ‘wait, you bought the CD to give you eligibility to judge me and every portion of my life.’ People do feel like they should have the ability to do that or have the ability to be in every portion of your life. Now with technology, it has sucked away privacy. Whether you want to take the picture with them or they want to take a picture of you, they don’t identify with the fact that the picture taken is notifying people where you are at that point. It is documenting where you are at that moment, when you might not necessarily want everyone aware of that. It will create conflict or confusion for you that you are not conscious of early on. It’s a fair exchange though.”

He ended the interview with some wise words on how not to fall off.

“The biggest and most important thing for you is to find a strong ground to stand on, on your own, because people around you are going to develop entitlement when you have success. It doesn’t require anything for them to actually have deep feelings towards what you should have done. Away from that, you know the moment you start to have success, just take on a motto that depression is a luxury that you can’t afford, because things can start to sway another way following you having success. It could be confusion in your personal life maybe. When that’s happening, if you’ve already taken on the fact that depression is a luxury that you can’t afford, even though you have money, you’ll be fine.”

50 Cent would be starring alongside Gerald Butler in the movie “Den Of Thieves” due for release next year.

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