Watch Domani's Thought Provoking Video For "Beat The System"

'"We can't stand to see another nigga making more than us."

The level of intellect displayed by Domani on "The Constellation" EP is uncanny for a 16-year old. The project touches on social issues instead of the usual cliché that is rap music these days.

The young Atlanta rapper continues to promote the project the best way he knows how. He follows his video for Playalistic Music  with a new thought provoking visual for "Beat The System." On the song the 16-year old questions everything that's wrong with the world: "How we can afford to go to war but we can't save flint," he asks. "Questions that remain unanswered, how we making clone me but still can't cure cancer."

The clip directed by Xavier Ruffin and Phillyflyboy, follows Domani through a black-and-white meditation, making gravity do his bidding while spitting wisdom over a Just Blaze-esque Jones T production.

"With the water bottle in the video, I wanted to put emphasis on what I said about Flint. 'How we can afford to go to war but we can't save Flint'," Domani explains in a press statement. "If I'm this young and I see what's going on, and nothing is being done about it, then there's a problem. "

"The water also represents life," Domani continues, "How we tend to waste it on stupid things, like trying to be that dude with the most weed, or the strongest weed. Or spending so much time thinking about ourselves that we forget that other people would kill to be in our position to really say something. Instead, we're using our platform to talk about the things most people would never get to see in their lifetime. And that's the reason why when we get a little money, we blow it on things like Bentleys, Gucci belts, and all that. And the companies are just sitting back laughing at us while we're messing our own people up. Thats my definition of selling out. Knowing the negative affects it could have on the generation, and still doing it because you want that nice car, or that big house."

Domani’s debut project The Constellation features guest appearances from London Jae of Bankroll Mafia and Zonnique. purchase it on iTunes.

Watch Domani's Thought Provoking Video For "Beat The System" Watch Domani's Thought Provoking Video For "Beat The System" Reviewed by Paperman on 10:31:00 AM Rating: 5
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