Joe Budden Vs Lil Yachty On Everyday Struggle

Old heads vs Mumble rap

Lil Boat continues to be the poster boy for mumble rap and everything wrong with hip hop. In a previous episode of Complex's Everyday Struggle, Joe Budden accused Yachty of ruining the culture.

"I don’t think that Yachty is hip-hop," Budden said. "I don't think that Yachty's label is hip-hop. When you're not hip-hop and you're trying to just troll or exploit, you get things like this."

 "Yachty is ruining the culture," Joe continued. "Someone who should not be accepted in this fucking culture."

The 19-year old rapper becomes the first guest on the show staring Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks. On the latest episode of the web series, the young rapper explains the message behind his album's cover: "The message is just to believe in yourself, to love yourself, " Yachty said. "Basically it's just showing all sides of life."

He also spoke on his comments on The Notorious B.I.G. being overrated and says it was a mistake but he doesn't regret saying it

 Joe and Yachty went back-and-forth on other topics in hip hop but Yachty doesn't back down from his position. He cites Drake, kanye west, Kid Cudi as rappers he likes and name drops Lil B as his favorite rapper.

Later Budden and Akademiks give their take on Wale's new album SHINE

watch the heated discussion above.
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