Diddy Sued By Ex-Chef For Sexual Harassment


According to a new lawsuit, Diddy was sexually harassing his former personal chef.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Miss Cindy Rueda claims she was "regularly summoned" to serve the business mogul and his guests while they "engaged in or immediately following sexual activity." She says in one occasion, Diddy was still naked when she entered the room, and he asked if she liked what she saw.

She also claims another time, one of Diddy's friends approached her in the kitchen completely nude and asked her to check out his junk.

Miss Rueda says she complained about the sexual harassment to one of the Bad Boy rapper's assistants, and as a result she was set up by another staffer to make it seem like she'd stolen one of his watches. According to the suit, Diddy threatened not to prosecute her for stealing his watch if she signed an agreement waving all rights to sue him for sexual harassment.

She says she refused to sign the agreement and was fired a year ago.

Miss Cindy Rueda is suing Diddy whose real name is Sean John Combs for wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and violation of whistleblower protection.

"This is a frivolous lawsuit by a disgruntled ex-employee who was fired for cause." Diddy's reps tell TMZ.
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