Rick Ross Accepts Plea Deal In Kidnapping, Assault Case

Rick Ross is now a freeman, after the Maybach Music boss copped a plea deal in a case involving the alleged kidnappings and pistol whipping of two groundskeepers.

The incident stems from June 2015 following a confrontation between Ross and a man working at his Fayetteville, Georgia estate. The rapper and his bodyguard, Natrian Lateef James allegedly assaulted the man and kept him hostage at a guest house for throwing a party at Ross' home without his knowledge. One victim told Law enforcement officials that he was pistol whipped and left with chipped teeth and a broken jaw.

Rick Ross was facing kidnapping, aggravated assault, aggravated battery and other charges.

In a Fayette County courtroom on Tuesday (April 4), TMZ reports that Ross pled no contest to 1 felony count of aggravated assault and to 5 misdemeanors. He also pled no contest to marijuana possession charge. He was ordered to pay $10,000 fine.

"The resolution to the case was reached after discussion with the prosecution team, victims and law enforcement,” Fayette County District Attorney Benjamin D. Coker said. “It was the best resolution to the case considering the facts and circumstances at hand."

Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that as part of their probation conditions, Rick Ross whose real name is William Roberts and his bodyguard Natrian Lateef James cannot have drugs, alcohol or contact with the victims. A search clause and anger management classes are also included in their probation.

Rozay is being sentenced as a first time offender -- which means after he pays the 10k fine, the conviction will get erased from his record.

In a sentence after the hearing, Ross said he respected and appreciated how the courts chose to resolve the case.

Rick Ross recently released his ninth studio-album Rather You Than Me and is reported to be working on his tenth album.

Image and video courtesy TMZ.

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