@LadiPoe - Man Already

Fresh off his breakthrough deal with Don Jazzy's Supreme Mavin Dynasty, that saw him become the first rapper's rapper to sign to the label. Ladipoe finally liberates his long anticipated first drop under his new home.

Despite still having a lot to conquer, Poe celebrates being the "Man Already" on his new Altims produced leak.

"I'm the man already/ no need to say it's a jam already" he raps on the song's hook. "Can you carry what I drop it's heavy/ Now they call me the man already" he reiterates.

We're still waiting to hear how he'll sound on a Don Jazzy beat.

Back in February Don Jazzy revealed to us in an exclusive chat his reasons for making Poe his first Mavin rap artist.

"POE is a wordsmith, he has his ways with words that makes me want to hear what next he is gonna say. From the activation comments alone you can tell the fans love him. But rap skills aside, I wanted a rapper that other rappers would understand why i signed him.  He is respected amongst his peers. Most importantly he isn't signed. I also like him cos he is level headed and would fit right in Mavin. The ladies love him too that's a major plus."

Read the full chat here were he also speaks on plans for Poe and running for president of Nigeria.
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