Joe Budden Is Going Into Movie Writing

Rapper-cum-podcaster-cum-movie writer? 

Joe Budden's rap career has taken a backburner to his podcast life and it may soon fall even further if he the rapper decides to make good with his movie writing plans.

Joe released his Rage And The Machine  album last year June but hasn't done much promo for the project since then. The "Pump It Up" rapper is now contempted with being a podcaster and a part-time Twitter troll ... He may also be responsible for holding up Glass House.

After over 10 years in hip hop, Joe is now looking to expand his reach into other aspects of entertainment. The I'll Name This Podcast Later host tells TMZ that he's taking up a career in movie writing because he's tired of the trash movies that are being released and he's also tired of sitting on the sidelines critiquing trash films like box office flop Ghost In The Shell ... So he's putting his pen game skills to writing a psychological thriller.

Joe says the script is in its early stage and that it's something he has wanted to do for a while.

If he follows through with the plans, he'll be joining the likes of Ice Cube, Ludacris, Childish Gambino and common who have dived into acting/movie making careers.

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