Domani drops introspective video for "Playalistic Music"


Early this year Domani Harris dropped his debut mixtape, The Constellation. The young ATLien who's looking to create a lane for himself away from his father's returns with a reflective video for Playalistic Music, off the recently-released tape.

The visual for the bass-heavy track explores the role our environment and surroundings play in shaping the minds and lives of young people.

"The message that I wanted to get across in this video, is that you have to always realized that somewhere out there, there's a little kid, or somebody else that looks up to you, that wants to be just like you," Domani explained to VIBE who premiered the video. "Therefore you have a responsibility to lead the way for this person. Whether you wanted this responsibility or not, and in this case (in the video) the most influential people around this child (played by me) took that responsibility for granted. They lead him in the wrong direction which lead to the kid losing his life for their actions. You're not the product of your circumstances, you are the product of your decisions."

In a time where young rappers are chosen to rap about "bitches," "sex," and getting money - Domani has chosen to rap about thought-provoking situations you wouldn't expect from a 16 year old. He may choose to rap on all the above eventually, but the young prodigy has already placed himself as a shining light and he's certainly one for the future.

Out now on ITunes, "The Constellation" mixtape features appearances by London Jae and Zonnique.

Domani drops introspective video for "Playalistic Music" Domani drops introspective video for "Playalistic Music" Reviewed by Paperman on 6:57:00 PM Rating: 5
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