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The Six Best Female Rappers In Africa Right Now

Best female rappers in Africa


The Six Best Female Rappers In Africa Right Now

Best female rappers in Africa.

Hip hop remains a male dominated sport despite the emergence of new female rappers such as Rapsody, Phlow, Cardi B, Mulatto and even Young M.A.

One of the reasons hip hop will continue to remain male dominated is the lack of SERIOUS female talents in the genre. None of which can ever hold their own for more than two minutes. The continent (Africa) has also had its own share of women rappers but in habitual fashion, they’re never able to sustain it long enough to gain a cult following. Is it a lack of talent, or are women not interested enough? Female rappers claim nobody takes them seriously in hip hop, (sort of like females in politics), as much as there’s a facet  of truth to the aforementioned statement, it’s not the sole reason they fall off. Ok

The likes of Nigeria’s Sasha … who I honestly believe was seriously overrated (no offense), was regarded as a great despite having lyrics that were mostly mundane. Well, at least she was consistent for a minute. Eva Alordiah (Nigeria) and, Xtatic (Kenya), are also popular names who seem to have vanished. (Editor’s note: Eva recently dropped her much delayed 1960 album but it was already too little too late). Xtatic on the other hand has just been poorly managed. Female MC’s in general have never been able to hold their own for long in an industry that’s highly competitive.

With everything going on in hip hop and women seemingly getting little recognition, I had to ask myself… Who are Africa’s top female talents right now and how long will they last? Well, to be honest I have no idea how long they’d last but these crop (old & new) have a solid backing and foundation behind them, which can help them go a long way, but just like the men, they still have to put in the necessary work.

Coming up with six names believe it or not was somewhat harder than I anticipated. Top tier female rappers in Africa are rare… kind of like good leaders.

In no particular order, these are the “Six Best Female Rappers In Africa right now.”

Bombshell (Zambia)

Best female rappers in Africa
Image via MTV Base Africa 

Bombshell is Zambia’s leading lady in rap. The volatile rapper broke into the scene in an aggressive way with “Bad Mothafucker” featuring Bulo Man, TR and 5ive 4our and hasn’t looked back ever since. She describes her sound as “Unique, diverse, authentic and explosive.” Bombshell doesn’t hold back lyrically and like her name suggests, she’s explosive.

Rouge (Congo/South Africa)

Best female rappers in Africa
Image via MTV Base Africa 

Rouge is still new school so the jury is still out on her,  however if you have ever heard her rap then I’m sure you won’t deny her talents. With the ability to both sing and rap in English as well as French, Rouge is one of Africa’s brightest sparks in female rap right now.

Over the course of her still relatively new career she has worked with the likes of AKA, Reason, Moozlie and even opened for Cassper Nyovest. Her bars are feisty and filled with the cockiness you’d expect from a young emcee. The spotlight is on Rouge with the crazy hair right now, how she uses it depends entirely on her.

Nadia Nakai (South Africa)

Best female rappers in Africa

Image via Nadia Nakai

Nadia Nakai is Family Tree’s first lady and the most popular name on this list. She had already created a buzz for herself before Cassper swooped in but the platform Family Tree provides is much bigger than anything she had when she was independent.

Nadia started to generate attention when she won the mixtape 101 competition on the ETV show, Shiz Niz, but her big break finally came in 2014 when she held her own as the only female rapper on Riky Rick’s “Amantombazane” remix also featuring DJ Dimplez, Maggz, Ginger Trill, Kid X, Kwesta and OkMalumKoolKat.

Nadia is not all beauty and sexiness, this “bad bitch” can actually rap. Her Family Tree debut Bragga is out now. Listen to it and judge for yourself.

Phlow (Nigeria)

Best female rappers in Africa


Phlow is fucking nice fam!! She’s also a menace.

Signed with Str8Buttah productions, Phlow has been low-key killing it with consistent materials and high volume wordplay for at least three years now. Over the years she has taken time to harness her talents and perfect her showmanship, holding her own in male dominated rap competitions and cyphers.

The Lagos based rapper has been featured on top  hip hop websites across the world including Creative-HipHop.com, HipHopDX, The Source and 2DBZ. Phlow is not afraid of a rap challenge and it’s about time people start to take her seriously.

Keko (Uganda)

Keke1 Best female rappers in africa Best female rappers in africa
Keko’s mission for supremacy began back in 2010 when she appeared on “Fallen Heroes” alongside Don Mc, SP, Davis and the Mwanba Children Choir. The song was dedicated to the lost soldiers of the world not just Uganda — with her spitting arguably the realest verse on the heartfelt track.

The love and feedback she got from the record gave her the motivation she needed to kick on. Her break through finally came after she recorded “How We Do” back in 2011. I’m not sure she expected what came after but the smash hit went on to propel her as one of UG & East Africa’s leading women in rap. She’s been consistent for the last 5 years and have succeeded where most men have failed. She released her debut album Strides back in September of last year. Her drug problems are behind her and she just wants to focus on the music and help young Ugandans live the best life they can.

Eno (Ghana)

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Mother of all rappers. 

This lady from Ghana is a beast on the mic, in her own words .. she’s got “balls” (She said it not me). Tough wordplay, ability to switch flows, aggression, drive and an intimidating figure, Eno got it all.
Hip-Hop in Ghana is largely male dominated, which makes it hard for female rappers to break through, but Eno has survived and even lasted longer than some of her male counterparts. Eno doesn’t care about the Barbie syndrome with her freakish tomboy looks — when she’s in the rap booth, she’s a man because her bars do not discriminate. Eno is currently Ghana’s female rap queen and nobody’s touching her. You can even argue she’s a top 5 GH rapper of all time.

Do you agree with the list? Who do you think i left out? Let me know in the comments section. The article is also available at MTVBase

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