LS-Dom - Cocaine Surfer

When looking for upcoming talent it's hard not to recognize the influence from California. The Golden State has produced some of the best talent in recent years and is home to some of the best, new artists as well.

LS-Dom has been on the circuit for a while now and is now back with his latest tape, Cocaine Surfer. The tape is vintage Dom, with punching drums and smart lyrics, but with a gentler vibe throughout which allows more focus on the lyrics which are improving with each track.

There is a softer side to the tape as well with the less intense beats from tracks been @ itIntel and entering my prime providing a refreshing change of pace.

Check out the tape in full below and give him a follow on Twitter @levelspiritdom for all the latest updates.

LS-Dom - Cocaine Surfer LS-Dom - Cocaine Surfer Reviewed by Joseph Dexter on 8:40:00 PM Rating: 5
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