Desiigner - Holy Ghost

This is naughty.

We're way passed the phase of if Desiigner is a one hit wonder or not. "Panda" is a tough act to follow but the G.O.O.D. Music rapper has faired nicely since dominating the chats and airwaves all 2016.

The Brooklyn rapper took a break from preparing for his Outlet tour to drop this new banger for his fans. "Holy Ghost" features all of his signature ad-libs but his flow is switched to a more toned down level. I really like the vibe of this.

Timmy Turner which recently went platinum was catchy and annoying as fuck at the same time, but this one right here is a vibe. I've played this about ten times already.

The "Outlet" tour kicks off on April 2 in Seattle.
Desiigner - Holy Ghost Desiigner - Holy Ghost Reviewed by Paperman on 11:39:00 AM Rating: 5
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