@CassperNyovest Is Winning Off "Tito Mboweni" Hate

"I used to talk shit and now I'm talking six figures."

The most hated song in South Africa right now is Cassper Nyovest's Tito Mboweni. Being a true hustler, the rapper has turned all that hate into his favor and is getting numbers on the board. There's no such thing as bad publicity, a thing Cassper knows too well, which is why he has gone ahead to release a video for the hated track.

A number of people hate the song but they still managed time out of their daily-doings to watch the video - just so they can find more negative words to spew, but what they don't understand is this. The more negative opinions/description you share on a song/video, the more neutrals and fellow "haters" alike want to listen/watch it, so they can either judge for themselves or join in the hate. I got to know of the song through Ifani's negative tweets.


It's like when Lil Mama dropped that "Sausage" video and caught heat afterwards. The internet complained and made meme's out of it, but the video ended up getting over a million views on YouTube. I don't think Cassper will complain if "Tito Mboweni" visual does half that.

With the way it's being talked about all over social media, it won't take long before the video crosses the 100k mark and starts to approach 500K, unless people get bored and eventually ignore it. If Cas is as smart as I want to make him out to be, he won't let the attention on the song die down just yet. He should milk it for as long as he can including performing it on shows.

The video already has over 50K views as at when posting this, which is a decent number for a "trash" song don't you think? And it's hella catchy so it will eventually turn some doubters into believers.

"Tito Mboweni" is trending in some parts of South Africa which can also translate to a win for Cassper.

His goal with the song's video is clearly to stunt on his haters and have fun doing it.

Watch the video below and let me know what you think.

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