The Importance Of Copyrighting In Maximizing Income For Music Creators

 In this article we're looking at sources of revenue in music and ways music creators can maximize their income earnings for the music that they create.
These are steps I encourage every artist to take despite them being, well time consuming I must admit, but you'll learn a lot more handling some of these yourself as they give you an understanding of the intricate of the music business. One of them is PR as discussed earlier in this article it is to the advantage of an artist in the early stages of his/her career to build lasting relationships with key industry players in their field so as not to be too dependent on PR firms who charge you for these services. If you're not objective to sitting down and sorting out some of these things on your own, let's get right into it.

 Every creative should have a basic understanding if not in- depth knowledge of how copyright works as your intellectual properties are your greatest assets you can have as one. The Law states that the copyright of any creative work belongs to the author of said work at its creation. In order to notify the law about the existence of your work and to seek its protection in case of a breach of your rights it is advisable to register your work at your local copyright governing body. Copyright is an exclusive right and gives the creator or owner of a work rights, which includes, the sole right to reproduce the copyrighted work in any material form, to publish the work, to perform the work in public, to make any cinematographic film or a record in respect of the work, to broadcast or communicate the work to the public by loudspeaker or other similar device, to issue sell or rent copies to the public, etc. These rights can be transferred to a third party in exchange for monetary compensation in the form of royalties. There is diversity of royalties entitled to you should you decide to transfer the rights of your music to a third party and registering with institutions responsible for collecting these on your behalf is beneficial to you as a music creator.

 If you're starting to feel like this is too much work, partner with a good publisher who will take care of your music portfolio on your behalf, creating opportunities for generating income and managing them on your behalf. Mind you Publishers take a small percentage out of your earnings which is negotiable in some instances but it's worth it as publishers open doors to sources of revenue you might not have known existed. Find a publisher who is registered to a Mechanical Rights Society to issue out mechanical licenses and collect royalties on your behalf. Mechanical licences are licenses given out by the owner of copyright or publisher representative to a third party to reproduce or distribute a song they did not write.


Every time a song is aired or used in public, royalties are owed to the copyright owner. To collect these royalties entitled to you as the copyright owner, register with Institutions such as ASCAP, BMI and SESAC as they keep track of the amount of times your song is being aired in public and payout the royalties accordingly to the copyright owners. This includes transmissions over radio, network and cable TV, internet radio, interactive online streaming services and live performances.


Sound Exchange is a free online platform that keeps track of the amount of times your songs are being played digitally on streaming platforms, internet radio and so on. To maximize this revenue register at Sound Exchange. They maintain a monthly paying system so you earn income as your song gathers streams and plays on the Internet.

With a bit of this knowledge you now know the importance of copyrighting your music and the ways you can exchange this rights for some monetary value both digitally and off the internet. Understand that these is just a tip of the iceberg of opportunities at your fingertips for maximizing your income off music.


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